What is SMO?

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) entails reaching, communicating and interacting with your target group and consumers on social media platforms(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), while maintaining and renewing your brand image and perception on a continual basis.

Why do you need SMO?

Millions of people converge, talk, share, debate and opines on various social media platforms. A well-founded presence of your brand here is critical because you need to inform, communicate, and interact with your target group. You need to know what they say and feel and craft your responses accordingly to meet your business goals.

Why Us

We sense trends, understand key aspects of Social Media behavior and recognise opportunities. We create animated conversations and ensure interest in your brand does not waver. We go the whole nine yards to maintain your brand image and make sure your have great sales.


How We do it?

We closely watch your Social Media accounts and blogs for any comments, likes, dislikes, complaints or grievances. In case, there are complaints or grievances, We address them in a timely and suitable manner. If there is any misinformation or myth being propagated, We publish the correct information to give your consumer a correct picture of your brand. Overall, We make sure that your brand is being perceived in the way you desire it to and is out of harm’s way.

SEO for Small Businesses

"Is Search Engine Optimisation essential for a small business? The answer is a resounding YES. Most consumers today before buying a product or service turn to the Internet for researching the product/service they are looking to buy".