PPC Agency

An advertiser’s dream, Pay Per Click (PPC) is paying only for the number of clicks on your advertisement. PPC ads can be published on search engines, social media platforms and other portals and help drive traffic to your website.

Why Pay Per Click?

PPC guarantees great reach while requiring you to pay only for the number of clicks on your advertisement. It acts as a filter, bringing to your doorstep only those who are genuinely keen about your product or service and wish to take things forward.


Why PPC Agency ?

We have conducted PPC campaigns for several Industries across varied geographic location using platforms such as Google Ad-words, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn with good ROI. We are an Certified Google Ad words Professional.

How We do it

As a PPC Agency, our work involves conducting market research and test campaigns to understand your business. This process involves selecting the appropriate platforms to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience. All this is done within a specified time and budget.

Based upon the results of the test campaign, We improvise the campaign to achieve Low Cost per Lead and a good ROI for each digital platform.


Online Advertising for Startups

As a start-up your endeavour is to make the most of your advertising budget. Your objective is to build a reliable consumer base while making sure that every penny you invest in advertising delivers a pound in return.