What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is managing the perception and reputation of your brand across all platforms on the World Wide Web.


Why do you need Online Reputation Management?

Brands are built on trust and businesses are built on brands, Therefore, it is vital to keep the brand image unsullied and intact. ORM does this by keeping a check on what’s being said about your brand on the web. Any kind of misinformation, ignorance, grievance or malice is closely monitored and swiftly remedied to keep the brand name untarnished. The feverish pace with which news travels on the web makes the case for ORM even stronger.

Why Us?

While We diligently monitor as to what is being said, We are also skilled at intervention, if there happens to be a grievance. Interventions go a long way in helping the brand because they avert situations which could otherwise snowball into disasters. We also make sure a healthy and positive image of your brand is maintained at all times.


How We do it

As and ORM Agency, We closely watch your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and blogs for any comments, likes, dislikes, complaints or grievances. In case there are complaints or grievances, We address them in a timely and suitable manner. If there is any misinformation or myth being propagated, We publish the correct information to give your consumer a correct picture of your brand. Overall, We make sure that your brand is being perceived in the way you desire it to and is out of harm’s way.

SEO for Small Businesses

"Is Search Engine Optimisation essential for a small business? The answer is a resounding YES. Most consumers today before buying a product or service turn to the Internet for researching the product/service they are looking to buy".