About Me

I hold an MBA in marketing and systems from the University of Pune and have worked in the field of digital marketing for nearly a decade. Through the years, I have worked with more than 40 organizations across 10 verticals. I have been a part of several key projects and have acquired a deep knowledge of the subject. I also hold a certification in google ad words.


Why me

As a digital marketing expert, I possess a deep knowledge of the subject, knowledge at par with the best professionals in this field. Wherever possible, as a matter of principle, I use scientific tools. I offer personalized services. This enables me to develop a good work-relationship with you. It also makes me keenly aware of your work style, your needs and your objectives. An amalgamation of these factors goes a long way in boosting productivity and efficiency. In addition, you can always reach me personally for any queries, clarifications or suggestions. Another advantage of working with me is that I am a far more cost-effective option than a digital marketing agency. Lastly, and most importantly, I deliver.

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